What Blogmutt Writers Have in Common with President Obama (Besides a Legitimate Opportunity To Work from Home)

by Ruhi Jiwani

If you’ve ever heard President Obama refer to himself as a mutt, you’ll know why we blog mutts take pride in the term. While others might smart at being referred to as canines, writers at BlogMutt are very fond of cracking “mutt” jokes. “I have my paws full,” says legitimate work from home opportunityone writer on the forum. “I’m on the scent of a blog,” responds another. “Gotta go dig up some bones,” says a third, referring to the research he has to do for a blog.

The Wide Variety of BlogMutt Writers

You might think that we’re all dog-lovers with no feline enthusiasts in the bunch. However, BlogMutt writers run the gamut, from good old mutt guardians to those who lovingly rear exotic cats. They also vary in age, from teenagers to seniors. The one thing they have in common is that they all love to refine their craft.

Blog-writing can be light-hearted or extremely technical, but no matter what your specialty, it’s always possible to grow and develop as a writer. The more you write, the more you learn how to write. So BlogMutt is a great place for writers of all types.

Working in Your Pajamas and at Your Own Pace

Working at BlogMutt is also one of very few legitimate opportunities to work from home. For anyone who’s ever dreamt of working in their pajamas, you’ve probably applied to a few possible work-at-home jobs only to be disappointed upon learning that most of these are scams. It is surprising, given the spread of the internet that there aren’t more work-from-home opportunities.

BlogMutt provides a great platform for writers who want to have the freedom to write as much as they want without the threat of deadlines hanging over their heads. If you want to start out slow, you needn’t write more than one or two blogs a day. And if you want to do ten in one day, you’re welcome to try. Most writers tend to get comfortable somewhere between these two extremes and keep going at that rate.

Making Time for Other Goals

The great thing about this opportunity is that you can make time to do whatever else you might want to do. If you’d like to work on a novel, you can make time for that. If you have kids, you can work around your responsibilities as a parent. If you’re a senior, you can make some money and have an activity. Plus, of course, there is the little frisson of excitement that comes when you see your work in print!

So contact us today and get started on working from home.

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