BlogMutt’s Weekly Fetch: So Hot Right Now


This week’s all about what’s hot, BlogMutt and out. (We hear that Hansel is so hot right now.) We’ve got a big announcement straight off the presses and loads more to bring you up to speed on.

To view our round-up in its original form, you can also view it on Storify.


Kali Bizzul

Kali Bizzul

I write and market (yes, verb) at Verblio. Whether that's a blog post, email subject line, social media update, or a lousy author bio like this one, if you've been around Verblio you've likely seen some letters I threw together. I love helping get the word out about Verblio to get all sorts of folks good content to market themselves. Apart from Verblio, I'm really passionate about puns, foreign languages, Colorado at large, staying active, and leprechauns.

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