BlogMutt Customer Spotlight: Restaurant MBA

We’re back with our second customer spotlight, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce this customer: Restaurant MBA.

Restaurant MBA is a source for aspiring restaurateurs to gain a wealth of knowledge and training to increase their success in the industry. It’s more than just a few tips on what to serve and how to serve it; you can expect thorough and excellent educational training on running a top-notch food business from top to bottom.




Below is a brief interview with Director of Digital Marketing Bobby Brock, and a little bit about why BlogMutt is the right fit for Restaurant MBA. 



1. What was the idea that sparked your company, and how did it transform into what it is today?

Restaurant MBA: Restaurant MBA came to be because of the work we do at Fresh Hospitality. Fresh Hospitality’s mission is to help entrepreneurs grow, and we achieve that by providing financial and intellectual capital to growing food businesses. Fresh’s brands all share common values—a deep appreciation for guests and communities, a healthy respect for food, and a drive to deliver genuine hospitality.

Fresh also invests in and operates businesses across the restaurant value chain including agriculture, production, retail distribution, real estate, technology, and restaurant operations. That is how the idea behind Restaurant MBA came to be.

Brands and individuals approach Fresh Hospitality with great restaurant ideas every day, and with our company’s core mission of “Helping Entrepreneurs Grow,” we strive to help as many people as possible. Time, resources, and personnel limitations were restrictive when helping everyone, though.

[This was] the solution we came to: take everything that makes Fresh Hospitality successful and turn those insights into a scalable, accessible learning solution. We built Restaurant MBA as an extension of Fresh Hospitality’s knowledge base. That way, we can share our skills, expertise, and knowledge with anyone who wants to learn the industry.


2. What was the initial problem or roadblock that led you to the realization that you’d like to outsource your content using BlogMutt?

R: With a small team and budget, I was having a lot of trouble finding copywriters. Let me rephrase. I was having trouble retaining and finding copywriters in our price range.

Since our content budget was rather limited, it was hard to find people who wrote at the level I wanted. Much less, people turned over quickly as they found opportunities for full time or better paid employment.

Basically, I had a need for content and was having trouble finding the right people to help create it with me.


3. What made you choose BlogMutt over other content companies to fulfill your content needs?

R: Honestly, a lot of the other “similar” offerings weren’t a great fit for me. They handled everything, yes…but out of my price range.

Since I knew the topics, ideas, etc. that I wanted written about, it was simple to choose BlogMutt based on price per article.

Oh, and the recommendation from my friend definitely didn’t hurt.


4. What has been the overall outcome of using BlogMutt to create content for you?

R: The overall outcome has been very positive. My blog is always full of content, with new content pouring in. Having that content helps us with not only our blog, but creating drip email series, understanding what our customers like to read about, and even attract new leads via SEO.


5. What is your process for creating fresh and interesting topics for our writers?

R: I am a very data-driven marketer. I believe that many of us are at this point.

A great deal of my content ideas come from Keyword Planner, Google searches that rank in our industry, or just cool content that I come across online. (I spend my whole life online as a digital marketer, it has to pay off, right?)


6. What would your advice be to a company that is just starting out using a content service like ours?

R: I would say to give the writers as much as you can.

This means—give them as many topics as you think would be a good fit for your business. Also, don’t refrain from giving them lots of details about your business or offering. This can help them tailor content that will fit well for you.


7. Do you have a favorite tool or service that BlogMutt offers? If so, why is this your favorite?

R: I think one of my favorite features of BlogMutt is being able to change the order of content in my queue. Sometimes content comes through in spurts of similar topics, and it is nice to tailor this delivery to what I think should be in the blog right then.

Also, you can use this feature to coincide with current marketing campaigns. For example, we were doing a focus on restaurant technology for one of our outlets, so being able to queue up a few blogs on that topic (rather than our others) made our marketing come out more focused.


8. What do you think other businesses in your industry have to gain from a service like BlogMutt?

R: The biggest thing to me is that lots of technology (or other B2B) businesses feel like there isn’t much to write about their industry. That, or the topics are really boring. Working with a service like BlogMutt allows you to:

1) take that weight of coming up with content off your shoulders, and

2) source the content from multiple writers. (You’ll get more ideas than you thought you ever would.)



Are you an aspiring restaurateur, or just hoping to learn more about the industry? Restaurant MBA is the way to go. Be sure to check out their website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter, and even podcast.

You can also check out some of their affiliate sites, for other useful resources such as Fresh Hospitality, Fresh KDS, and Fresh Technology. Still curious? Get a glimpse into how they empower and support their partners in this video:



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