#Inbound15 – Day 2 – Our Top 5 Highlights

It’s 10:41, a good hour past my bedtime. I’m a bit punchy.

But I couldn’t possibly let down the people who read this post yesterday. That’s the type of dedication we’re putting into today’s post. There’s lots of fun in store if you keep reading. Let’s do this.


I nabbed this photo en route to the convention center. Another beautiful, hot and humid day in “America’s Walking City.”

But no time for chit-chat. It was a busy day out there.

#Inbound15 – Day 2 Recap

 1. BlogMutt Takes Center Stage


All photo credit to @TheNutellaMan for this shot (Best. Twitter. Handle. Ever.)

That’s right! BlogMutt represented during HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah’s keynote speech. We were honored to share the stage with other integration partners. 

Yes: BlogMutt integrates with HubSpot. (Jump down to delivery options for how you can integrate BlogMutt posts directly into your HubSpot blogging platform).

Our integration saves our customers a step when it comes to taking content from BlogMutt and posting to their own blog. We’ve heard it again and again. Our customers don’t have time to blog. If there are ways to save customers time, even if it’s as simple as seamlessly posting your blog as a draft into HubSpot, we want to do that.

2. BlogMutt Goes Running

Before we did the whole integration-at-the-HubSpot-Co-Founders-Keynote thing, I woke to a 5:30 alarm to meet a bunch of Inbound folks for a run around Boston. We did the last two turns and run through the Boston Marathon finish…so we pretty much ran the Boston Marathon.


Here’s a picture of the group post run. See? We’re still alive (I’m the one in yellow). It was an excellent kick in the pants to start the day. For those interested, there’s another run on Friday at 6:00 AM in Dewey Square led by the incomparable Coach Dan. Shoot him a note if you have additional questions. The run was a little under four miles at a 10-11 minute pace for those wondering.

3. Brene Brown’s Fantastic Keynote


If you don’t know Brene Brown, you might soon. First, she gave a Ted Talk on vulnerability that has over 21 MILLION VIEWS! It’s that good. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

You can view the video here.

Although unrelated to hard core marketing, I found her keynote to be the highlight of the day.

Brown defined vulnerability as:

“The willingness to show up and be seen when you have no control over the outcome.”

She spoke at length about the confidence that comes with being vulnerable. We’re emotional beings and that’s nothing to be ashamed of–it’s who we are. “We’re feeling beings that occasionally think” said Brown. And understanding that we’re mostly emotional beings, we make up stories and tell ourselves lies about things that aren’t really there.

For example, you get blown off by a co-worker and you immediately start thinking: “Yup, I knew it. She hates me. Always did. Now I know she does. And I never liked her. Figures.” When in reality, it may not about you. It may be about something completely unrelated to you…but we tell ourselves these stories on a daily basis. Why? We’re emotional. We fill in the blanks with our own insecurities.

Brown advised we check out emotions when they overtake us. Be vigilant about the stories we make up and believe, and instead, address the issue before the fabricated story consumes us.

Other nuggets of wisdom:

“Every great writer starts with a shitty first draft.” There’s no shame in not knocking out awesome content the first time through.

“Change behavior by speaking to emotion.” We’re emotional beings. We’re not rational. So appeal to emotions first as those get the most precedence.

Excellent talk!

4. “Content Controls the Brand” by Tracey Wallace

Wallace, a former journalist turned content strategist for Bigcommerce, held court to a packed room of content marketers.

Just look at the line to get into this one:


Fortunately, I got in. The lines for some of these sessions was like a trying to get into a trendy bar or Batman the Ride at Six Flags (if you follow us on Twitter, you can get these recycled jokes in real time).


Wallace said about content:

“You don’t have to be perfect. You have to be strategic.”

This is going to be a future blog post for us: “What is ‘being strategic’ when it comes to content creation?”

We often have customers that come to BlogMutt with a need, but without a strategy. The customers who have at least a semblance of a strategy do far better with us than those that don’t. They have a true north to navigate toward. They know what they want and don’t want. What’s “on strategy” and what’s not.

Because if nothing’s strategic, everything is up for debate. And when you aren’t sure what you want, you default to perfection. And remember: “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

5. Shout-Outs and Props

In the midst of the day’s sessions and keynotes, I was able to connect with some great partners and technologies that warrant mentioning.

Michael Sims – Inbound Design Studio

I had the opportunity to connect with Michael Sims of Inbound Design Studio. They’re the guys who did our site. We’re not an easy client and Michael and his team were great partners throughout the process. We stretched the limits of HubSpot’s COS and wouldn’t have been able to do that without Michael’s help.

Lindsay Kolowich – Lead Writer, HubSpot Marketing Blog

If you don’t read Lindsay’s blog posts for HubSpot you’re missing out. She’s a great model for what constitutes relevant blog content for HubSpot’s audience. I bumped into her outside a session and it was great to put a face to a name.

Stream Creative

Who says you can’t network whilst running. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Janice McGann-Dowbrowski of Stream Creative in Milwaukee. I already got a formal invite from Stream’s Partner Steve James to swing by their office when I’m in Milwaukee next month. The power of social media, folks!


I spoke briefly to an employee of Brightinfo, an integration partner with HubSpot. I was fascinated by their technology. Essentially, the scour your marketing and content resources and serve relevant content to your visitors based on the pages and content they’ve viewed within your site.

I have more to learn on these guys and look forward to a demo tomorrow.

Wolfgang Digital

I met two members of the Wolfgang Digital team hailing from Dublin, Ireland: Roisin Linnie and Jen Darcy. Roisin does their social (and is a YouTube star), Jen their creative. Such a blast hanging with them, talking about the paucity of good Irish Breakfast Tea, and why asking for “the toilet” sounds uncouth to the American ear.

And finally, I combed my hair and shaved to look somewhat presentable today.


See, I clean up ok.

And remember, if you’re at Inbound shoot me a Tweet and we can connect. I need friends.




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